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Ya es posible adquirir una copia física del juego en una edición de lujo.

It is now possible to purchase a physical copy of the game in a deluxe edition.

Puedes hacer tu reserva rellenando el formulario.

You can make your reservation by fillying out the form.

Formulario / Form


Has this game come out in a physical edition already? Thank you


Not yet. We hope to get it out after the summer. When it is, I will announce it here.

Ok. Thanks!

Good news!

Lovely, here is my tribute to your game... :)

Thank you very much!

You have to play more still, and you will like it more.

Congrats Gallegux! Excellent game ! Team T is welcome to the Amstrad scene (even when at least two of their components were already part of it!)

Thank you!

Yes, you are right, Brundij and me are rookies.

We hope to have good ideas to carry out.

¡Gracias amigo jomicamp!

Enhorabuena por esos gráficos Javy!! Son geniales

Well done !

Thank you!

I have just watched your video on YT. Please, read the manual, you'll know how to play well ;)

Excellent game, good job!

Thank you very much!

Nice game!

I hope you enjoyed